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Bayardo makes pictures, sounds and movies.

See and hear some of his work at this site.

Gain some understanding of how he makes sounds.

Slide Shows



Smooth & Clanky

Soul Loop

Relive the Eighties ostinato

Roll Low

Vocoder action here

Son of Krok

Who is Krok

Dharma Wheels

Earworm from Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage

Gas 'er Up

Get more energy here




Detest Detap

Mo Dog


Choosen Cruisen

Go Do XY

Doten Dot


  • Birds, Tremolo & Accordion


  • Tedious Guitar Ostinato

No Umami



  • My impression of ancient Mexico City

  • der Shtarker

  • Ring Tone Extrapolation

  • Movies

    Watch action/adventure movies right here!

    Big Snow at Echo Summot

    Big Snow at Echo Summit

    Deep snow in the Sierra. Ski in and do an overnight bivy under the stars.

    Kingsbury to Big Meadow

    Kingsbury to Big Meadow - Overnight Hike

    Hiking 23 miles along the south eastern leg of the Tahoe Rim Trail on the 7th of Octobere, after an early snowstorm.

    Meiss Hike

    Meiss Lake Overnight Hike

    Observe Aspen trees changine color along hike from Big Meadow on 1st of October. Pass Meiss Family Cabin.

    Nimitz Ride

    Riding the Nimitz

    >Located in the East Bay Hills near San Francisco, this trail is the East Bay Regional Tilden Park. Originally leading to a Nike Missile Site during the Cold war after World War II it's a popular trail for hikers & cyclists.

    Lake Chabot

    Lake Chabot Bicycle Ride

    You'll find miles of trails winding up and down the hills of Lake Chabot Park.

    Bicycle Bridge

    I-80 Bicycle Bridge

    This new Bicycle Bridge supplements the old viaduct stairs & sidewalk at the foot of University Avenue in Berkeley.

    How Bayardo Makes Sounds

    I make music on my computer. I use a program called Reason. It's a digital audio workstation (DAW).

    I primarily use software synthesizers to produce my sounds.

    Reason has a sequencer to lay down numerous simultaneous sound tracks such as drums, guitars, horns, etc.

    Bayardo's Simple Synthesizer

    Use slider to modify frequency


    Bayardo's Virtual Synthesizers

    Click name to show a synth. Click again to hide synth.

    This is just a sampling of Bayardo's synth collection

    • Antidote



      Antidote is a virtual-analog software synthesizer There are 2 stereo coscillator banks, each emitting a stack of up to 50 virtual analog oscillators per voice. Look at the manual: . You'll be astonished when you hear the stunning sounds presented here.

      Listen to the amazing water drops in the classic B-Rax yourself.

    • Parsec



      Parsec is a Spectral Synth featuring additive synthesis. Two sound generators allow for up to 512 partials per voice.

      Parsec - Listen here to original saxiphone tune, Mo Dog, by Bayardo himself. You'll probably want to play it repeatedly.

    • Predator



      Predator comes with over 4,700 presets 27 different filter types and an arpeggiator.

      Listen to an action patch from Bayardo's amazing tune, B-Rax.

      The captivating Digiri Do was produced using Predator.

    • Revival



      Revival is almost the only synthesizer used in the development of the Go Do XY project at BayardoDesign.

      Revival feels like a B-3 draw-bar organ.

    • Vecto



      Vecto is a four-oscillator vector synthesizer.

      Vecto feels like monster synth.

    • Grain



      Grain is a granular synth"


    I use a very powerful synthesizer called Europa. You may actually test it right here, right now, in your browser. Use the 'Click & Launch' button. Be sure to 'Launch the Europa Player' from the Reason website

    Click on the piano keys to make sounds. Europa has many controls to shape your sound. Notice the context sensitive help. Don't get discouraged. Have fun. I do . . .

    der Shtarker - Original Ring Tone


    der Shtarker - - - - -


    der Shtarker - - - - - - -


    der Shtarker - Final Tune


    Making der Shtarker

    Several of my friends had really neat ring-tones for their text messages. I was jealous. So I made a ring tone. I decided that I like it.

    "Why not expand it into a tune?" I said to myself.

    It proved to be more difficult than I expected. Here's some of the steps I went through in making the tune. I call it 'der Shtarker'.


    Contact Bayardo

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